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Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is an intense, vibrant and dynamic commercial city with a population of 3 million. Colombo, with its seaport and its international airport located 35km north of the heart of city, is Sri Lanka's prime hub of transportation: main motor roads and railway lines to all four corners of the island begin herein. Among the accommodation options in Colombo which, sports an array of international class hotels, boutique hotels, villas is Hilton Colombo.

Galadari Hotel, Ceylon Continental, Cinnamon Grand Colombo, Cinnamon Lakeside, Taj Samudra Colombo, Hotel Holiday Inn and Galle Face Hotel are among the hotels of International standing in Colombo. The heart of the city called "Fort" (Colombo Portuguese fort doesn't exist today) is home to Colonial buildings which, house department stores and government offices together with modern high rise buildings which, house Trade Centers and Commercial Banks. Fort with its Central Bank, the Banker to the State; Bank of Ceylon run by the state-the banker to the nation; Peoples Bank operated by the state; multinational banks-Hongkong and Shanghai bank, Chartered Bank etc; local banks help drive the commerce of Sri Lanka.

Fort's Galle Face Green, the perfect seafront promenade, running parallel to the Indian Ocean to the west with its sea-spray of crashing waves and bordering Colombo-Galle main road immediately to the west takes you by surprise, coming from airport, while taking the fountain round- about at Hotel Galadari at the heart of the city.

In the last second you were passing Hotel Galadari and Hilton Colombo. In another second you will be at Galle face Hotel to your right and Hotel Taj Samudra and Hotel Holiday Inn to the left. Colombo-Galle coastal road takes you 160 km to Matara, now hugging the coast and now parallel to the southern railway line. From Wadduwa (36km) to Matara (160km), you will be traveling along the fascinating south western and southern coastal belt replete with pristine palm fringed beaches well supported by international class hotels all along. Stay the night, tonight at Bentota Bay Beach(64km).

Why Colombo?

(a) Colombo is the capital, the emporium, the main harbor and the principal transportation hub of Sri Lanka Holidays. So why not? Why not begin Sri Lanka Holidays at Colombo?

(b)Then again to say so is to miss the main point. Staying in Colombo affords the opportunity to witness the modern murals at Kaleniya Royal Temple. The famous murals depict the major milestones of Sinhalese Buddhist civilization of Sri Lanka. The murals build up a brief pictorial narrative of the unbroken chronicled history of Sri Lanka since 543 BC. Kaleniya Buddhist Temple is a mini encyclopedic springboard to the exploration of the historical, cultural and archeological destinations of Sri Lanka Holidays.

(c) Furthermore staying in Colombo is to grab the opportunity to enlighten you of Colombo vis-a-vis other main cities of Sri Lanka. Colombo has no rivals in Sri Lanka: it's a metropolitan city with Colonial Heritage; it is home to the finest city hotels of Sri Lanka; its accommodation options ranges from Hilton Colombo to Home stay.

(d) Most of all, Colombo is the principal transportation hub of Sri Lanka.

City Name : Colombo
District : Colombo
Province : Western
Elevation : 10 m
Latitude : 6.93200016021728500000
Longitude : 79.84799957275390000000



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