Mount Field Cottage, Haldummulla, Sri Lanka

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Located beside the Colombo-Badulla Highway ,in an area where there are tea plantations around and magnificent view of mountains Mount Field Cottage is an ideal place to spend a holiday . Due to its environment and luxury room service ,the place is specially attracted by honeymoon couples throughout the year.

In addition to the main bungalow there are some single cottages up in the hill with a panoramic view of mountains and surrounded by rocks greeneries .

Having natural rocks in the garden and the green hill above the bungalow is the specialty and the main attraction. Most of the walls are also built by rock.
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Mount Field Cottage Location

The location is in between Bandarawela and Belihuloya and close to Haputhale This is an ideal base for ecotouism , nature watching ,white water rafting and mountain hiking Some of the major tourist attractions are the Bambarakanda Waterfall and Horton Planes .

Mount Field Cottage Accommodation

We are having 10 Rooms. Accommodation for single, double and also for a family or a group can be provided. There are some individual cottages with luxury room facilities up in the hill of our garden surrounded by rocks and greeneries. Magnificent view of hill country sceneries are there when you open a window. These are ideal for honeymoon couples and travelers who seek different type of accommodation. In addition to the luxury facilities, all cottages are equipped with mini kitchens. When you are in a private cottage you feel that you are in your own home.

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