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Mahoora is Movable Tented Safari Camps that would be pitched up on selected locations of the prime wild life parks in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka's wildlife parks are home to the big four beasts: Elephant, Leopard, Wild Buffalo and Sloth Bear. In addition to these mammals, the reserves are vibrant with populations of deer, sambhur and birdlife. The birdlife consists of variety of endemic and migratory birds. Also found at the lakes of the park are crocodiles.

Mahoora brings about a truly luxury camping experience with right royal treatment to all its guests in the wilderness with a dash of indigenous touch.
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Mahoora - Dambana Location

Mahoora Luxury Safari Camp at Dambana Sri Lanka Aborigines Veddah Village

Dambana is one of the domains of Sri Lanka's Aborigines called Veddah who still retain their primitive identity. Visiting Dambana would be a unique experience: to learn of their traditional life style and join the tribe in a mock hunting game.

Mahoora Safari Camping - Other Locations

Mahoora Luxury Safari Camp at Yala National Park

Yala National Park situated in southern coast in Sri Lanka.The thick untouched jungles offer a unique tranquility and one-ness with nature. By the picturesque"villus" (waterholes), catch a glimpse of a leopard sunning itself on a bough, or a lone elephant crashing through trees.

Mahoora Luxury Safari Camp at Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park, the largest wildlife reserve in Sri Lanka is a unique wildlife reserve in Sri Lanka in view of its lowland water basins called Villu that catch and retain rainwater making shallow lakes. Wilpattu is home to mammals including elephant, leopard, deer and sambhur. Wilpattu is also populated by a wide array of birds.

Mahoora Luxury Safari Camp at Udawalawe National Park

An elephant-lover's dream! The grasslands around the Udawalawe Lake are the range for huge numbers of these magnificent beasts.

Mahoora Luxury Safari Camp at Wasgamuwa National Park

Wasgamuwa National Park is a reserve famous for its herd of wild Elephants. Wasgamuwa National Park is inhabited by a range of mammals including leopard, bear, deer and sambhur. The birdlife is in abundance making the park having lush forests by the longest river of Sri Lanka, Mahweli Ganga.

Mahoora Luxury Safari Camp at Sinharaja Rain Forest

Sinharaja Rain Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sinharaja (Sinhala: Lion King) is the last untouched tropical rain forest reserve of Sri Lanka. The exciting trails amidst the woods are often cut across by the streams that flows throughout the reserve sandwiched between to large rivers of Sri Lanka: river Gin ganga from the south and river Kalu Ganga from the north.

Mahoora Luxury Safari Camp at Gal Oya National Park

Gal Oya National Park set up to conserve the catchment area of vast Senanayakae Samudra reservoir is inhabited by a wide range of mammals and birdlife in addition to the big amphibians: crocodiles and water monitors.

Mahoora Luxury Safari Camp at Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park located in the southern coast of Sri Lanka is a dream of the keen birders and paradise of the professional ornithologists. Bundala National Park being scattered with water bodies such as reservoirs and with Indian Ocean to the South, is one of the prime birdlife sanctuaries of Sri Lanka.

Mahoora - Dambana Accommodation

The luxury camp of Mahoora is equipped with everything needed for your safety, security and luxury holidays in the wild life parks of Sri Lanka. The luxury camps of tents are all well arranged and furnished talking care to the last candle.

This tastefully decorated tent comprises of the following facilities and conveniences in the wild life sanctuaries.The whole tent including the washroom is equipped with wall-to-wall or rather tent cloth to tent cloth carpet of high quality.Two very comfortable foldable arm chairs with a Coffee table are placed in the Living Room, which also has a baggage rack in addition to a candle stand and a floor cushion.

Two comfortable beds with 6" mattresses, with Linen takes center stage in the Bed Room, which also has a bedside stool, a fresh fruit basket, a beautiful candle holder, a clothes rack as well as a secure place to place your valuables. The tent is recommended as a twin sharing unit, however can be comfortably converted to triple-sharing basis in the event there is a child under 12 years.

Decorated candles are placed at various locations for the guest's convenience and also add to the splendor of the setting.A flushable toilet with commode, shower with hot/cold water and a stand with a wash basin and a mirror are installed.

Mahoora - Dambana Facilities

Food & Beverages are complementary: array of local beverages are served out of a well-stocked bar.
Fine Dining in the wilderness: experience through a romantic candle lit dinner or a fun filled BBQ around a campfire with a chef in attendance.

Service at Mahoora Safari Camp Dambana

Mahoora runs an extra mile to see you are pampered in the wilderness. Mahoora's reputation for its superior service during the last 6 stand a head above the others engaged in the same trade of wildlife expeditions.

Service is the forte of Mahoora and all you have to do is order: everything ranging from a mouthwatering barbeque around a roaring campfire to a romantic al fresco candlelight 5-course fine dining experience in the wilderness. Mahoora serves you localized signature dishes prepared by its qualified and experienced chefs to your total satisfaction and surprise.

Naturalist at Mahoora Safari Camp Dambana

Mahoora extends the services of a qualified Naturalist so that all guests are empowered to gain a superior knowledge of the wildlife & a deeper insight into the environment in its biodiversity.

Security / First Aid at Mahoora Safari Camp Dambana

Mahoora pays great attention and arming the camps with security which is of vital importance throughout the wildlife holidays. The staff of Mahoora team is well trained, equipped and geared to arrange all matters in wildlife safaris and pay attention to details of every aspect of the camp. In addition the team of Mahoora the trackers of the Wild Life Department of Sri Lanka on duty at the site are called in to bolster the camp with knowledge and expertise, especially with respect of change in the regular movements of the wild animals, in case of an occurrence of such on a particular day.First Aid & A first aid kit is always at hand, round the clock, at the campsite and during Safaris.

Safari Vehicles at Dambana

Mahoora makes use of the most comfortable off road vehicles available in Sri Lanka: Land Rover Defender- [The best 4X4] or a modified pick up truck for the their Wild Life Safaris in Bundala National Park, Dambana Sri Lanka Aborigines Veddah Village, Gal Oya National Park, Sinharaja Rain Forest, Wasgamuwa National Park and Wilpattu National Park . These vehicles ensure the guests of Mahoora enjoy their wild life holidays in comfort do not fall into the inconveniences associated with inferior off-road vehicles.

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