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The Wasgamuwa Safari Sri Lanka - Holiday Bungalow is located in a serene natural setting bordering the main access road to the park and in close proximity to the Park Entrance. (In fact the Park Gate can be seen from the Bungalow). It is a 3 double roomed eco friendly holiday bungalow where open type accommodation is also possible. It makes the bungalow to accommodate a group of 20-25 using both indoor and open type facilities. The approach to the bungalow can be done from 3 main routes but comming through Riverston from Matale side is the best one for a nature traveller to explore the magnificient scheneries of nature.
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Wasgamuwa Safari Sri Lanka - Holiday Bungalows Location

 Wasgamuwa National Park located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka is little known to many visitors as a Wildlife Park. The Eco System and the Natural Environment therein is largely unspoiled. Wasgamuwa is famous as an elephant habitat. These Elephants, the population of which is about 150- 200 are known to be less habituated to people and it is the unique feature in Wasgamuwa. According to many wildlife lovers, it is certainly one of the best places in Sri Lanka to watch and experience 'Wild Elephants' in their own habitat. They are in fact wild and raw and of course bigger in size than most of the elephants found in other National Parks. It shall be an extremely vibrant wildlife experience to see and watch their magnificent behaviour.

The Park with an extent of around 100,000 Acres of wilderness is surrounded on one side by Mahaweli River and other side by Amban River and it stretches up to Parakrama Samudraya in Polonnaruwa side. It has a large no of tanks and grass lands inside which are habitat to many species of Birds and other animals mentioned above and provides nourishment to their food chain system. Another important feature is that there are 3 main Ramayana related locations in and around Wasgamuwa. They are "Dunuwila Tank",and "Yudaganawa" in Wasgamuwa itself and "Biso Kotuwa" in Hasalaka on the route to Wasgamuwa. They are special attractions to visitors interested in Indian Culture and History.

The Park - comprising of a mixture of wilderness and wildlife - itself is an attractive Eco system to observe, feel and experience. It is undoubtedly a holiday destination for Family and Corporate Holiday Makers.

Directions of the Wasgamuwa Safari Sri Lanka - Holiday Bungalows

Wasgamuwa can be reached primarily from 3 routes.
1. Colombo, Kurunegala, Dambulla,Bakamuna Hettipola and Wasgamuwa (approximately 230km)
2. Colombo, Kandy, Matale, Rattota, Riversten, LaggalaPallegama, Hettipola and Wasgamuwa (approximately225km)
3. Colombo, Kandy, Hunnasgiriya, Hasalaka, Hettipola and Wasgamuwa(approximately 250km)
All these 3 routes are picturesque drives and the visitors can select one route to go and another to come back based on their preferences. It will take around 6 hours to reach Wasgamuwa from Colombo.

Wasgamuwa Safari Sri Lanka - Holiday Bungalows Accommodation

Wasgamuwa Safari Sri Lanka has 3 types of accommodation units:

1. The Safari House

The Safari House has 3 double bed rooms and wide semi open safari type verandas to provide accommodation to family and corporate holiday makers to Wasgamuwa National Wildlife Park.

- A Furnished 3 double bed room Holiday Bungalow with wide semi open verandahs with sleeping facilities apt for Safari holidays.
- 2 attached Toilets and 3 Semi attached Toilets and Bathing Area.
- Kitchen with Refrigerator and Living Room with TV.
- Semi open dining area overlooking the wide open Park Entrance/wilderness.
- High ceilings and properly ventilated internal spaces.
- Fans fitted inside rooms and Mosquito nets provided.
- Linen provided.
- BBQ facility available.
- Courteous service and delicious food.
- It can accommodate around 20 pax.
- An Eco Friendly Environment - A 'Holiday Home' away from 'Home'.
- Visitors can bring provisions and get the menu of their choices prepared.
- Cook/Helper and Cooking Facilities and Gas available in-house with no extra charge.

2. The Eco House

The Eco House is built with traditional materials and the roof covered with 'ILUK'. It has 3 double bedrooms with sleeping facilities for 12 pax and attached toilets and open type showers/bathrooms.

- A furnished 2 Bedroom ECO House built with traditional materials.
- Safely built 'Iluk' roof- conventional cover to give the cooling atmosphere indoors.
- Verandahs around the building with 'pila's to sit and relax
- Spacious semi open multipurpose hall with TV which can be converted in to a bed room.
- Fans fitted and Mosquito nets provided.
- Linen provided.
- 2 attached Toilets and semi open Bathing Area.
- BBQ facility available on request.
- Courteous service and delicious food.
- It can accommodate around 10-12 pax.
- An Eco Friendly Environment- A Holiday Home away from Home.
- Solidly built but with an Eco finish giving a sensation of Eco Living away from the busy city life.
- Visitors can bring provisions and get the menu of their choices prepared.
- Cook and Cooking Facilities available and Gas available in-house with no extra charge.
- A favourite among visitors to the Wasgamuwa Safari Sri Lanka.

3. The Tree House(Attalaya)

The Tree House (Attalaya) is built on a 'KON' tree within the premises. It is solidly built in the wilderness and has space for 6-8 pax to sleep inside. It is located on an Elephant Corridor and one would occasionally be lucky enough to see elephants walking beneath in the night.

- A tree house has been solidly constructed on a 'Kon' tree within the premises almost in the wilderness.
- It is located on an Elephant Corridor but around 20 feet above ground level.
- Occasional sighting of elephants crossing the premises.
- Has a raised spacious 'midula' and an ECO toilet at ground level
- 6-8 pax can sleep inside the 'Attalaya' with mattresses laid on the 'deck'.
- A traditional menu ('kurakkan' Roti/'thalapa') served on request with prior arrangement.
- A complete hide out- an opportunity to be yourself close to nature-
- Able to generate a sensation of being relaxed in the wilderness.
- A 'hot spot' among the youth seeking a memorable safari holiday experience.
- Food (full board /half board/BBF basis) is served on request with prior arrangement. Provisions could be brought in and cook and cooking facilities can be arranged, if desired.
- A Camping Site among wildlife lovers seeking an experience with adventure.
- Open fires and BBQs on request.
- It is a fascinating experience for the visitors to spend a night or two in the Tree House (Attalaya).

Wasgamuwa Safari Sri Lanka - Holiday Bungalows Excursions

Wildlife Safaris
Wild life safaris can be organized to the Wasgamauwa National Park which is just 200 m to its entrance from the Bungalow. It is the most interesting and breathtaking experience during the holiday at Wasgamuwa. These Safaris could be around 3-4 hour sessions or 6-7 hour sessions inside the Park. The Park opens at 6.00 in the morning and closes at 6.00in the evening. The morning visits (which are more advantageous for Bird watching as well) shall start from 6.00 a.m. and shall be over by around 10.00a.m. The afternoon session usually starts around 2.30 and shall continue till 6.00p.m. The evening sessions are more popular among those who love to watch wild elephants in herds roaming around in the grasslands.

A 6-7 hour full day session starts around 10.30-11.00 and visitors can go to the Park with prepared lunch and go up to Mahaweli River, have a bath there and have lunch, relax for a while till the sunsets and start the returning journey leisurely with ample time to see wildlife. It is basically a 'spend-the -day- in the Park' package.
Trekkers shall be detailed by the Park Authorities to accompany the visitors for safety reasons of both visitors and animals. These figures change from time to time as per the regulations of the Dept of Wildlife Conservation.
Safari jeeps are available at the Bungalows. These jeeps have been selected from among reliable Operators who have back- up services as well. It is extremely important to ensure back- up services in the case of breakdowns while on tour inside the Park. An alternative vehicle shall be deployed in such situations to pick the visitors up from those locations.

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