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Puttalama is located 131km north of Colombo in the Western coast.

Reaching Puttalama
Puttalama can be reached by main Colombo-Puttalama (A3) motor road as well as by northern coastal railway line.

Puttalama lagoon, one of the largest lagoons in Sri Lanka, forms the Kalpitiya peninsula where a USD 4 billion mega tourist resort is being built.

Puttalama Lagoon
Puttalama lagoon that spreads an area of 327 sq. km is home to mangroves, sea grasses and salt marshes. The lagoon makes way for prawn fishing and salt production. Prawn farming in the areas close to the lagoon is a major enterprise at Puttlama.

Puttalama district
Puttalama district, region of the Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka, also well known for its rice cultivation and main crops of cashew, onion, banana and mango.

Wind farms
Puttalama is ear-marked for a project of wind farms similar to the project at Ambewela, Sri Lanka.

The majority of the populace at Puttalama are Sri Lankan Muslims. The community of Kaffir therein at Puttalama are descendants of those brought to Sri Lanka from Africa by the Portuguese in the 16th century.